Craft, Learn, Beach, Repeat! Freshie & Craft Expo March 7-10


By Scott Thomas

As we cozy up indoors during this chilly weather, thoughts of sunny spring days filled with gardening and crafting activities dance in our minds.

Drawing from over 50 years of gardening and crafting expertise, Scott Thomas shares a few gardening tips.

Tip #1: When acquiring seeds for your vegetable garden, carefully explore seed catalogs. Opt for cost-effective options by choosing seeds labeled “OP” (open-pollinated) or “Heirloom.” These varieties allow you to save seeds for the next season, offering both savings and the promise of better germination and tastier vegetables compared to the basic hybrid seeds.

Tip #2: Trim expenses on plant purchases by directly sowing seeds for crops like sweet corn, beans, cilantro, and peas. Many garden centers offer seedling plants that become more budget-friendly and easier to cultivate when planted directly in your garden.

Tip #3: In Florida, where the soil resembles beach sand, ensuring good drainage, incorporate compost into the sandy soil during garden bed preparation. This addition is crucial for retaining moisture, fostering healthier plants in Florida’s distinctive gardening environment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Scott! He’ll be leading the Gardening 101 class at the upcoming Freshie & Craft Expo taking place March 7-10, 2024, at The Island Resort. Register to attend on their website: