Easy Access to Local Home Medical Equipment


By Kelly Stalnaker, J & B Medical

Having easy access to home medical equipment should be a priority for everyone. You never know when an accident, injury or emergency medical situation will occur. No one is protected against a stroke of bad luck. There might come a time that an injury or surgery will leave you or a family member needing extra assistance, and recuperating with the proper equipment will promote more ease and comfort. For example, lift chairs and cryo-coolers (Rx only) are game changers for patients in recovery. But even if you’re convinced that you’ll never need this type of service, consider how accessibility to a hospital bed, wheelchair or ramp could benefit a loved one.

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s that time of year for weddings, graduations and summer festivities. But maybe there’s someone in your life that is hesitant about participating, because they feel unsteady or simply unable to walk safely. Don’t let them miss out on important moments because of mobility issues; rent a wheelchair or transport chair! Often called companion chairs (as it requires the patient to have a companion to push them), a transport chair is smaller and lighter than a standard wheelchair. It weighs about half as much and folds up into a manageable size that will easily fit in most cars.

JB Medical in stock chairs 3Maybe you’re preparing to host houseguests over the summer. But, have you considered if you can accommodate everyone’s needs? We rent (and sell) hospital beds, lift chairs, patient lifts and so much more to make your guests feel safe and comfortable during their visit. Our rental lift chairs are compact enough to not overcrowd a house full of guests, but can be helpful for someone with muscle weakness that cannot sit or rise unassisted. A lot of users prefer to sleep in them as well! And consider how helpful it may be to have a portable ramp on hand. Ramps aren’t just for wheelchairs; they can be a safer and easier option than stairs for anyone with any type of mobility issue.

So, whether for you or a loved one, long term or temporary, we can help you address all of your home medical needs. Stop by or call anytime Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. to chat with us about availability of rental items. Or simply peruse our showroom full of medical necessities and useful devices. J & B Medical is located at 540 John Sims Pkwy. in Niceville, or call 850-729-2559. Visit https://jbmedical.org.