J&B Medical Offers Accuracy and Ease


By Kelly Stalnaker

Are you a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic patient that is tired of constant finger sticks? Then it might be time to consider a continuous glucose monitor. A continuous glucose monitor (or CGM, for short) is a device that automatically tracks your blood sugar level 24/7, with fewer finger sticks. Instead of lancets, a tiny sensor is inserted under the skin with a sticky patch to help keep it in place. There might be some discomfort during insertion, but once in place, the testing is completely painless. And the monitor delivers readings instantly.

J&B Medical Offers Accuracy and EaseWith this wearable sensor, you’ll have quick and convenient access to real time blood sugar data to help you make better food, activity and medication decisions in the moment. You can also review how your blood sugar level changes over a few hours or days, or after certain meals, to spot trends. And many sensors now offer the ability to sound an alarm when levels are dangerously high or low. Constant and accurate monitoring can help you keep your blood sugar level in target range to reduce the chances of developing other health problems caused by diabetes. CGM’s are so easy to use that they’re perfect for patients of all ages. A quick glance at your smartphone or CGM receiver will provide accurate blood sugar readings day or night. Also, the sensor is waterproof and will hold up to swimming, sweating and all of your active lifestyle demands.

J&B Medical is proud to announce that we now provide CGM’s to qualifying Medicare and Tricare patients! There are many benefits to having a local supplier; you have direct access to a customer care representative in person or over the phone five days a week. But, more importantly, we are a family owned business in your neighborhood that cares about the community and all of our neighbors! Call us at 850-729-2559 or stop by 540 E. John Sims Pkwy. in Niceville to find out how to get started!