Meet Local Pros Trevor and Tina Kasten of Beachside Sliding Glass Door Maintenance


By Michelle Ruschman

If you are struggling with a sliding glass door, then you need Beachside Sliding Glass Door Maintenance, LLC. Starting in October 2023, it’s owned and operated by long-time Destin residents and high school sweethearts, Trevor and Tina Kasten. “We have learned to work very well together in handling all business responsibilities and balance each other out. Our daughter, Samantha, even helps with the creative and social media aspects of the business and we have a great crew that helps us with the larger projects.”

Beachside Sliding Glass Door Work 1Having been in the automotive restoration business for more than 30 years, Trevor has become an expert in metal repair. Wanting to retire from the fumes and chemicals, however, opened new opportunities. “I decided after all these years, it was the perfect time to make a change. My childhood friend owns and operates a very successful business similar to ours in central Florida. We immediately saw the need for this service in our area. I went down and trained with him, learned the business and the rest is history.”

So, what is it about our area that makes this business so valuable? “Most people don’t realize that sliding glass doors require routine maintenance, especially in our coastal area. Sand, salt water, salty air and chlorine cause excessive corrosion to the wheel system underneath the door. The doors have to be lifted off and the bottom panels removed to see this damage.

Sliding doors are very heavy doors. They sit on a roller system that consists of a set of wheels that sit on a track. This system is designed to balance the weight of the doors and make them glide smoothly and easily. When this system starts to fail, the doors start to feel heavy.

Over time the wheels and bearings go bad and need to be changed. Once this occurs, almost everyone assumes they need new doors. The doors just keep getting heavier and harder to open with time. This progression eventually breaks handles and damages the track the rollers sit on. There are different levels of track damage, but the longer you let it go the more extensive and expensive the repairs can get.

We get stuck, noisy, difficult-to-open sliding glass doors rolling open like new again. This includes roller replacement, track repair, door handles, security locks, alignment, and lubrication of the door.”

During a time when everything has gone up in price, including brand-new sliding glass doors, repairs are a much more cost-effective alternative.

Trevor and Tina have lived in the same neighborhood in Destin for over 25 years and have seen a lot of changes. They know and love our coastal beach towns and feel privileged to serve a community that gives so much. “Our neighbors look out for each other, and we love to be a part of that through our business as well. We’ve partnered with some fantastic property managers who immediately saw the value and skill in the work we provide.”

Since opening, what has been the best part of starting their business? “We love the surprise homeowners experience once they see the functionality of their doors. You will be amazed by the peace you feel just by being able to stop fighting with your door daily.”

Beachside Sliding Glass Door Maintenance currently offers services from Panama City to Pensacola. You can schedule a free estimate at or call 850-987-5433.